Gain valuable skills in a fun, collaborative environment.


Work with awesome people while solving real challenges


Meet close Friends

Half the fun of case competitions are the people you do them with. Seriously. It’s what motivated Michael Kokot to start case competitions three years ago and it’s what keeps students coming back.


Build real skills

Class projects are one thing. Solving real business challenges for firms is completely different. Learn how business professionals operate through simulated case studies.


Meet recruiters

Pitch your ideas to recruiters interested in meeting top talent, showing off your real world skills and moving you closer to your next job or internship.


What students say


"As someone who does not have a business background, [case competitions are] an opportunity for me to think like a stakeholder for that firm, and tackle challenging issues while collaborating with different groups of people."

-Jessica Davis, MBA Student

"Case competitions gave me an inside look at some leading companies and the issues they are facing in today's competitive landscape."

-Sara Hartley, Cognizant



"Case competitions provide a unique opportunity to experience many of the challenges of the business world, wrapped up into one package. It truly is a must-do for any MBA student!"

-Becca Boodoosignh, MBA Student

Showcase your Real world experiences

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Build your brand through casecomps

Show off your entire skillset by linking your resume, LinkedIn, past case competition experience, and deliverables you created in one location. Copy the like easily to seamlessly share with recruiters.